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Movements Motors +-

USA Made Motors/Movements


Mini (AA Battery) Quartz Clock Movements +-

Mini Motor (Time Only)


High Torque Motor


Pendulum Motor


Daylight Savings Motors (Auto set)


Specialty Motor


Tide Motor


Chime Motor


ISI Motor


High Torque Clock Movements (extra power) +-

Chiming High Torque


AA High Torque Movement


C High Torque Movement


High Torque Quartz Pendulum Movements


Indoor Tower Clock Motor


Standard (C Battery) Size Clock Movements +-

High Torque








Pendulum Clock Movements +-

Mini (AA Battery)


Standard (C Cell)


High Torque






Chiming Clock Movements


Daylight Savings Motors (Auto set)


Weather Movements +-

Thermometer Movements


Tide Only Movements


Time and Tide Movements


Specialty Clock Movements +-

Continuous Sweep Clock Movements


31 Day Calendar Movement


Tide Movements +-

Tide Only Movements


Time and Tide Movements


Thermometer Movements


Electric Clock Movements


Reverse Time Movement




Rotary Pendulum Drive


Round Repair Movement


24 Hour High Torque Movement


Time/Day of the week Movement


Clock Hands +-

Hour & Minute Hands +-

Hour & Minute Hands Under 3 in.


Hour & Minute Hands 3 in. to 5 in.


Clock Hands for High Torque Movements


ISI Brand Hands


Clock Hands for High Torque Movements


Sweep Second Hand


Seiko Sweep Second Hands


Hand Assortments


Hand Protectors


Antique Series Hands


Clock Dials +-

Round Metal Clock Dials +-

4 1/2 in. Dials


6 in. Dials


7 7/8 in. Dials


Large Dials


Square Metal Clock Dials


Clock Bezel Crystals


Grandfather Clock Dials


Specialty Dials +-

Plastic Dials


Large Round Styrene Clock Dials


Round Tin Dials


24 Hour Movement Dials


Reverse Time Movement Dials


31 Day Movement Dials


Day of the Week Clock Dial


Clock Numbers & Markers +-

Set of 4 Corners


Antique Dials


Clock Inserts Fitups +-

1-inch Range


2-inch Range


3-inch Range


4-Inch & Larger








Clock Bezel Crystals


Weather Instrument






LCD Insert


Kits / Assortments +-

Wall Clock Kit +-

Plastic Wall Clock Kits


Metal Wall Clock Kit


Wood Clock Kit


Build Your Own Large Tower Wall Clock


CD Clock Kits


Antique Clock Part Series


Do It Yourself Clock Kit


Photo Frame Clock Kit


Clock Maker Kits +-

Custom Dial Creation


High Torque Movement Kits




Antique Clock Dials & Hands Kit


Mounting Cup Kit


Photo Frames


Complete World Clock


Clocks Accessories +-

Clock Hardware +-

Mini Movement Hardware


Nuts +-

Hex Nut


Open Nut


Closed (Cap) Nut


Washers +-

Regular Brass Washers


Large Brass Washers


Regular Wide Brass Washers


CD Washers


Rubber Washers +-

Regular Rubber Washers


Large Rubber Washers


Heavy Duty Rubber Washers




Sweep Cap


Clock Batteries +-

AA Cell Batteries


C Cell Batteries


N Cell Battery


AAA Cell Battery


D Cell Battery


Clock Pendulum Parts +-

Clock Pendulum Rods & Bobs +-

Additional Pendulums 16 in.


Additional Pendulums 25 in.


41 in. Lyre Pendulum


Specialty Pendulum Parts +-

Clock Pendulum Drives


Weight Shells


Clock Weight Shells


Rubber Gaskets


Clock Stands


Clock Maker Tools & Bits +-

Forstner Bits


Minute Hand Nut Driver


Battery to Electric Converter


Plastic Mounting Cups


Movement Cover


Large Adhesive Numbers


Desk Set +-

Economical Pens


Premium Metal Pens


Memo Clips and Clock Holder


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Order Placement:

Order can easily be placed via online shopping cart at or you can place your order with a Clockpart specialist for $9.99 per order, via phone. Our Customer Service phone number is 888-8CRAFTS (827-2387). The Company’s hours of operation are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm PST Monday through Friday.

Production Time:

Orders will ship within 3 business days from the day your order is received via ground service. Rush Service is available for $20. Rush orders placed before 1 PM Pacific Time will ship same day. Rush orders placed after 1 PM Pacific Time will ship the next business day. This rush delivery does not include expedited shipping method, such as 3 day, 2 day or overnight air shipping. We have the ability to upgrade your shipping method to air service, but there is an additional fee and the shipping charges depend on size and weight of the package and whether the shipment is upgraded to 3 day, 2 day or overnight status.

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Phone: (888) 8-CRAFTS / (888) 827-2387
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Payment terms:

We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express online, and on the phone ($10.00 minimum charge). We also accept checks and money orders in advance, or we can be ship C.O.D. All orders shipped within California are subject to 9.00% state sales tax, unless we have a proper tax exemption certificate on file.


Quartz mini movements carry a 1-year warranty. Chime and Specialty Motors carry a 1 year warranty. Fitup/Insert/ Weather instruments carry a 1 year replacement warranty as well.


All Sales are Final! Returns not accepted.

If a motor is defective a material return authorization (MRA) number must be obtained prior to returning. The MRA number must be printed on the outside of the box being returned and a replacement will be sent. To obtain an MRA please click here and include a description of the problem and an image.

The MRA number must be printed on the outside of the box being returned. Any returns without an MRA number will be refused and returned to sender.

On a defective claim we will replace the item. When contacting us for a replacement part please click here Please include a description of the problem and an image.


Please inspect your orders upon receipt. Any shortages must be reported to ISI within 10 days of receipt of goods.


In the past year the costs of material such as plastic, brass, aluminum and zinc have risen so quickly that we cannot guarantee the prices in this catalog. We will do everything we can to maintain prices. For the most current pricing please go to our web site or call one of our sales representatives.


All orders are shipped U.P.S., FedEx or USPS (FOB, Los Angeles), unless otherwise specified. All shipments require a street address. Please see the shipping and handling chart below for shipping costs in the continental United States. C.O.D. orders are charged an additional $10.00 per package.

Shipping and Handling Chart - Continental U.S. Only

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  • $0.01 - $9.99$9.98
  • $10 - $19.99$10.98
  • $20 - $29.99$14.96
  • $30 - $39.99$15.75
  • $40 - $49.99$16.75
  • $50 - $59.99$18.75
  • $60 - $69.99$20.98
  • $70 - $79.99$22.98
  • $80 - $89.99$24.98
  • $90 - $99.99$26.98
  • $100 - $124.99$32.98
  • $125 - $149.99$36.98
  • $150 - $174.99$43.98
  • $175 - $199.99$47.98
  • $200 - $299.99$57.98
  • $300 - $399.99$67.98
  • $400 - $499.99$77.98
  • $500 - $599.99$87.98
  • $600 - $699.99$97.98
  • $700 - $799.99$115.98
  • $800 - $899.99$125.98
  • $900 - $999.99$135.98
  • $1000+$145.98

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