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Four Questions to Help You Build a New Clock

Question 1

*What do you want your clock to do? Just tell time? Time and Pendulum? Time and Chime? Time, Pendulum and Chime?

NOTES: You need to decide exactly what functions you want your clock movement to have. It's your choice. It could just be time only, have a pendulum or a chime.

At we have many different clock motors performing many different functions. We have motors that can keep track of ocean tides. We have reverse clock motors, date of the month motors, etc... It's your choice.

Question 2

How much space do you have to mount the clock motor behind the dial face?

Quartz motors are small and can fit in the tightest of spaces. However, certain clock motors require more room.

Question 3

What length do you want your minute hand (the longer one) to be; under or over 5"? The measurement is from the mounting hole to the tip; NOT the overall length.

NOTES: Knowing the length of your minute hand helps us to determine what type of clock movement you need. Clock hands 6" or longer should be operated by some type of high torque movement. The length of the hour hand is not considered.

Question 4

How thick is the material that the clock motor shaft needs to go through?


The hand shaft is a set of concentric tubes that turn the hour, minute and second hand shafts. Grouped together, this is referred to as the hand shaft.

The hand shaft must go through the dial face and the material that the dial face is on. Some clock movements have a threaded shaft at the bottom of the hand shaft, and some do not.

The measurement of the total length of the hand shaft from the body of the clock motor to the very end of the hand shaft is called the overall shaft length.

TIP: You can also add a couple washer to achieve the correct shaft length if the threaded part is a bit too long.

If you have a glass or plastic lens or cover, then it's important to know the distance from the front of the clock face to the inside of the glass or plastic cover. Knowing how thick the clock face is and the distance from the clock face to the inside of the glass (if you have a glass cover) will make it easy to determine what hand shaft length you will need.

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