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USA Made Motors/Movements

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No one has a better selection of American made quartz movements (MVT) than, no one. The reason is simple, for over 40 years we have been the exclusive US distributor for Takane MVT. Takane has located their California factory about half an hour from ours, and the owners of both companies are now in the second generations of a long-term family relationship.

Takane Movement

We actually stock 9 different categories of Takane American Made Quartz Movements. Not 9 different MVT-nine different categories. That works out to actually stocking 23 different models of American made movements. We are very proud of this rare accomplishment.

American Made Mini Quartz

Our American Made Mini Quartz Motors are really the backbone of the industry. They are widely used here in the US, and we even export them to manufacturers in other countries as well. We stock these MVT in 6 different shaft lengths. We also stock 3 different versions of the American made mini quartz MVT with a clear case. That way you can actually see the gears moving inside the case. This is a popular item with manufacturers of clear acrylic and glass clocks.

The high torque MVT group is our fastest growing MVT category. We stock two different AA battery models and 2 C cell models. These American made high torque Motors are the most powerful in the industry, and will operate hands nearly 18 inches long! We even have a high torque C cell powered pendulum movement that will operate hands nearly 18 inches long.

Weather Movements

American Made Tide Motors is another category. We stock these tide MVT in two different shaft lengths. These MVT keep time based on the length of a lunar day, which is 24 hours and 50 minutes. So, the tide indicator hand will do one revolution every 24 hours and 50 minutes.

Our American made AA powered mini quartz pendulum is another major group of quartz MVT that has also become an industry standard. We stock these popular MVT in 4 different shaft lengths, so they can be used with materials up to just over ¾ of an inch thick. They work quite well with pendulums up to 16 inches long and clock hands under 6 inches long. We offer three different pendulum “bob” sizes for our 16 inch adjustable pendulums (bobs are the round disc at the bottom of a pendulum).

We also have “dual” American made pendulum MVT. They will actually operate two pendulums, one in the normal position below the MVT and one on top of the movement. It’s very important that the bottom pendulum be slightly heavier than the top pendulum. These MVT are great for novelty clocks and we stock them in 2 different shaft lengths.

The American made “press-on” movement is a very popular replacement MVT. It does not have a threaded shaft and the overall shaft length is just `1/4 of an inch. It comes with a choice of 2 sets of hands both just under 1-1/2 inches. The "short shaft press-on" MVT is normally installed into cases that already have plastic MVT clips to hold the MVT into the case. They can also be installed equally well by using a thin double faced tape. Shaft diameter is 3/16" and the shaft length is 1/4”. The absolute thickest dial material than this MVT will work with is 3/32” thick.

What is a Clock Mechanism

Clock mechanism movement or motor maybe known as caliber in terms of horology. The mechanism in comprised of gears and parts inside of a clock movements case. Many clock motors or mechanisms are made from metal, plastic, iron or wood to keep accurate time for a clock.